Maurice Renaud Speech – Iron Mike 6 June 2021

Maurice Renaud Speech – Iron Mike 6 June 2021


Ladies and Gentlemen,

While others are tearing down historic statues, here we are building them !

We did it to preserve History and teach future generations the price paid for their liberty.

During the passed fifty years, our A.V.A association engraved on marble plaques testimonies of veterans and their recollection of the dramatic and crucial battle of the bridge and causeway of La Fière.

We were very proud to learn that our site has been recognized as one of the two most emblematic sites of D-Day with La Pointe du Hoc.

On these marble plaques we wrote the number of American KIA and WIA so the visitor can better understand the ultimate sacrifice of our liberators.

We replicated the iconic statue of Iron Mike in Fort Bragg. It over-looks the entire La Fière battle ground.

We remember the courage of the General James Maurice Gavin and Captain Saul showing quintessential leadership in commanding “Follow me”.

We remember pathfinder Bob Murphy bringing back the reply from his officer “Don’t move, there is no better place to die”.

We remember Marcus Heim action with his bazooka stopping the German tanks counter attack.

We remember De Glopper sacrificing himself so that others may live.

This ground is scacred for the 82nd Airborne.

We will never tear down your statues.

We shall Never forget.

Thank you ! 


Maurice Renaud, President of the Friends of the American Veterans Association, A.V.A


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