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The AVA association is a non-profit association. Like many of its kind, the AVA receives no public or government funding as is run and managed strictly on a volunteer basis. Each year, the association plans several local fund-raising events to help support our projects. Yet, these fund-raising events are not always enough. Thanks to those who donate, we’re able to realize numerous projects that honor and remember our allied liberators.

All donations are welcome and appreciated. Donations are possible through a PayPal account or by a secured credit card payment through our website (also secured by PayPal). If you would like to help support our many projects, please follow instructions by clicking on the PayPal Donate button.

Here are a few of the projects that the AVA association organizes:

Hosting American Veterans

Throughout the years, the AVA association has welcomed and hosted returning American veterans and their families. From finding lodging to organizing visits, members of the AVA do everything possible to make veterans’ returning visits memorable. This has been and will continue to be a priority for our association.

For the 72nd Anniversary (and proceeding anniversaries), we would also like to help finance travel for veterans to return to Normandy. Working with other local and veteran associations, it is our objective to help bring back veterans. You can help us make this a reality for a veteran.

D-Day Commemoration Events

Every year during the D-Day commemorations, the AVA organizes a number of events.

Liberty Banquet: An international event which reunites veterans, active duty military and symparhizers alike to share a convivial dinner together.

Memorial Service: Since the 69th D-Day Anniversary, we have also organized a Memorial Service in the historical church of Sainte-Mere-Eglise in honor of fallen 82nd and 101st airborne WWII paratroopers.

La Fiere Ceremony: The Memorial site of La Fiere, created and maintained by the AVA association, is the site of the official ceremony held after the parachute jump.

Dinner in the Families: A fun tradition in which activity duty military are invited to dinner with local families for a cultural, linguistic and culinary exchange.

Painting for Peace: Our sister association, Operation Democracy of Locust Valley, NY, brought to us and SME a Painting for Peace art exhibit. For the last 4 years, Operation Democracy and the AVA have proudly displayed the work of American, French and German students.

Monuments and Plaques

At La Fiere and in Sainte-Mere-Eglise, the AVA association along with American veteran associations have remembered fallen paratrooper soldiers through numerous monuments and plaques, most notably the stained-glass window in the Sainte-Mere-Eglise church, the Iron Mike statue at La Fiere and the Allied Paratrooper Monument on the church square in SME. You will find photos of many of these plaques and monuments on our website. 




Youth projects

Honoring WWII soldiers is our duty and obligation, and also one in which we work to pass on to younger generations. Through the Painting for Peace Art Exhibit, we work with local elementary and middle schools to help younger generations understand the sacrifices that were made by the Greatest Generation so that we continue to enjoy our freedom today. 




Maurice Renaud  – AVA association president

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