Mrs Denise Rohan – National Commander American Legion – La Fière paratrooper memorial June 3rd 2018

Seventy-four years ago the world was divided between good and evil. And the line was drawn right here.

Today, we stand united. Civilians, military men and women. Veterans.
We stand united and free because allied soldiers were able and willing to strap on 80 pound packs and jump in the night from C47’s through storm clouds, into enemy fire. We stand united because, when they landed here, these soldiers were able and willing to fight to the death for a cause greater than themselves.

May we never forget the price that was paid in blood so that we may stand united today in freedom, as friends in a global community, at a place where good crossed the line of evil and conquered it. As a former US Army soldier and leader of America’s largest organization of wartime veterans, I thank the people of Normandy for remembering our fallen in the ways that you do. I thank all of our active duty men and women assembled here today – from all nations – because you ensure every day that the hard-won freedoms that bring us together now… are protected.

And to the Veterans of World War 2 who have come so far, I thank you for inspiring more than 3 million members of the American Legion family, who work every day in their communities, states, nation and around the world, to live up to the standards you and those who did not come home, set for us.


Thank you.

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