Press release

The Friends of American Veterans association of Sainte Mère-Eglise is pleased to host to our Liberty Banquet of June 7th, 43 Native American Indians.

These Native American Indians who fought in 1944 belonged to 23 different tribes including : CHEYENNE, CROW, HURON, LAKOTA, PENOBSCOT, SEMINOLE, SENECA et SIOUX.

We wish to thank Mrs LEGRAND for organizing the welcome of these Veterans. In particular for hosting, Charles Norman SHAY from the PENOBSCOT tribe in the state of Maine. Charles was a combat nurse on D-Day morning at Omaha Beach. Charles received several decorations including the French Legion of Honor presented to him by French President Nicolas SARKOZY.

Our association is honored to show our undying gratitude to these valiant Native American Indians.


Friends of American Veterans Association in Sainte Mère-Eglise

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