AVA against wind farm project at La Fiere


Letters sent by Maurice Renaud and by the American Legion to the mayor of Picauville concerning the wind turbine project on the La Fière site.


Letter of November 21, 2019​ :
"Mr Philippe Catherine
Mayor of Pont L'abbé – Picauville


Mr. Mayor

The press told us about your plans to install wind turbines in your municipality.

My point is not to question the installation of wind turbines in France, although voices are rising denouncing the environmental and economic disadvantages (excessive price of KWH sold to EDF which has repercussions on the bill of users) wind turbines.

My purpose is to challenge the location of wind turbines in the Caponnet area, ie in the immediate vicinity of the marshes of La Fiere and Chef du Pont as well as Hill 30 where a bloody battle took place between the American parachutists encircled by German forces far superior in number.

As you know, since you are attending our ceremonies on the site of the Parachutists Memorial of La Fière, this marsh zone, because of the violent and decisive fighting for our Liberation that took place there, is considered as a shrine commemorating the courage soldiers from far away who have left their lives for our freedom. The American soldiers I kept informed are simply shocked by this project.

The presence of wind turbines in this sector will prohibit the commemorative airdrops that we carry out each year. But you have seen for yourself the huge crowd attending (we are talking about 120,000 people this year) is a serious asset to the fame of the entire region, not only of Sainte Mère Eglise and Amfreville. To my knowledge there are very few events in the “Manche” that attract such a crowd.

These criticisms that I address to your project can also be applied to other sectors of our region, selected for wind turbine sites in historically sensitive places related to the landing of 1944.

I understand your economic and financial concerns for your municipality but I suppose it is possible to find in your territory another location for wind turbines that spares the area of ​​Caponnet, a martyr village in 1944.

Most sincerely, Mayor, the expression of my respectful greetings


Maurice Renaud
President of the Association of Friends of American Veterans

Sainte Mère-Eglise on November 21, 2019"


Letter of the American Legion :
"Dear Mr. Renaud,

Please share with the Mayor of Pont l'Abbe and other involved parties the following message of objection to any proposed wind farm development on the hallowed D-Day battlefield grounds near La Fiere Bridge and Chef du Pont.

On behalf of The American Legion, the largest military veterans organization in the United States of Arnerica, I write in serious opposition of any plans to build a wind farm or otherwise alterthe sacred grounds and Iandscape around La Fiere Bridge and Chef du Pont, where hundreds of American soldiers died in 1944 during the liberation of Normandy in World War ll.

As reflected through the spirit of American Legion Resolution No, L7, passed in May 2AL6, by The American Legion National Executive Committee – which connects The American Legion, Arnis des Veterans Americains and the City of Ste. Mere-Eglise in a bond to protect this historic site – and as reflected in the Preamble to The American Legion's Constitution – whieh vows to "preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in all wars," – I thank you in advance for reconsidering any proposal to construct a wind farm or other commercial development at this sacred location.


James W. Bill OXFORD
National Commander

The American Legion

Le 7 décembre 2019"