Short speech by Maurice Renaud on June 5th 2016 at Iron Mike Memorial site.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

This June 5th 2016 is a Great Day.
A Great Day, because on this Paratroopers Memorial site of our association at La Fiere we are honored to welcome with respect and deep gratitude our friends, the American Veterans. Since June 1945 – I repeat 1945 – it has been our tradition in Sainte-Mère-Eglise to recognize and honor the Veterans.
A Great Day, because on this historic site which has witnessed so much courage and heroism we now have gathered to recognize the awarding of the French Légion d’Honneur to Veteran Ralph TICCIONI, General John NICHOLSON and Mrs Susan EISENHOWER, grand daughter of General and President Dwight EISENHOWER, supreme Commander  of Operation Overlord. We salute also the presence of two of General James GAVIN’s daughters, a hero of the battle of the bridge of La Fière.
A Great Day, as we are going to sign a three parties agreement between the American Legion represented by Nations Commander Dale BARNETT, Mr Jean QUETIER mayor of Saint-Mère-Eglise and the Friends of American Veterans association. The American Legion is the largest Veterans organisation in the world with nearly 2 millions members.
This agreement will allow the conservation and preservation of our Memorial site to honor the memory of our liberators in perpetuity.
In this place WE REMEMBER.
Thank you
Maurice Renaud