Report of the General Assembly 09/2021


Report of our General Assembly on September 12th 2021


Maurice RENAUD, president, opened the meeting in thanking the VIPs in attendance:


  • D-Day veteran CHARLES NORMAN SHAY : Combat nurse who landed at 6am on June6 at OMAHA BEACHThe wrong place to be. He saved many of his comrades and was awarded many medals. He participat-ed alsoin the battle of the Bulge and later in the Corean war. He is an Amerindian member of the Pe-nobscot tribe in the stateof Maine. He lives now permanently in Normandy.The president proposed to the general assembly to elect him as "Honorary member" of our associa-tion. The assemblyunanimously approved and gave him a standing ovation.


  • Marie Pascale LEGRAND who created and built a remarkable Memorial park in Picauville in memory of the C47 crew and all the101stAirborne paratroopers on board who got killed in the crash of their plane on June 5th 1944.


  • Helen PATTON grand daughter of famous General PATTON. She is a close friend of our association.


  • Valérie PREHODA, Marines Lieutenant Colonel (ret) representing the American Legion in Normandy. She now lives in UTAH BEACH.


  • Claude GATIGNOL former congressman of La Manche.


  • Jean QUETIER former mayor of SainteMereEglise and presently vice president of "Comité du Dé-barquemment".


  • Alain HOLLEY present mayor of SainteMèreEglise.

The president thanks also the priest of our church for his active collaboration to organize the Memorial service. We are grateful to the American Legion headquarter in Indianapolisfor donating 2500 usd to share in the cost ofmaintaining the US Paratroopers Memorial Park at La Fière.Mrs Louisette LEDUCQ,AVA secretary,is recognised for herwork and efficiency to do her job .

Association Board Election

We have 4 members running for reelection (after 3 years mandate) : Maurice RENAUD Barthelemy BALLESTER Louisette LEDUCQ Jean Jacques LEDUCQ   + Plus 2 new candidates  Jose HENRIQUES Luc COSTREL DE CORAINVILLE . 

2 members resigned

Stéphane and Daniel JEANNE (for health reasons)

The 6 candidates are unanimously elected by the assemblyWe are noticing an increase in memberships all over France and in USA as well.

2020 and 2021 Ceremonies

After a very unique 2019 almost nothing happened in 2020 because of the Chinese virusIn 2021 SAINT CYR( French equivalent to West Point ) planned to bring their chorus toour Memorial service and to make a commemorative jump at La Fiere . Both got cancelled.Idem for the band of the French Foreign Legion .

We hope to get them in 2022 ! 

Financial Report

B. BALLESTER treasurer gave a report ofthe financial situation over the past 2 years .( During which we had almost no income except private donations )

Expenses : 26 422 euros

Income: 38.743euros (including some prepaid banquet reservations )

Our main expense was for the maintenance of the US Paratrroopers Memorial Park at La Fiére : 15.313 euros (about 18.000 usd) over 2 years.

This includes construction of a new path between the parking lotand Iron Mike statue (6000 usd) and repairs at the base of the statue (720 usd ). On top of it we added new plantationsand trees. It really looks better than ever.

Liberty Banquet 2022

If all goes well it will take place onSATURDAY JUNE 4at 7 pm . We will keep you posted.

Statues of Liberation

The man size bronze statue of Général ROOSEVELT will be unveiled in the town in June 2022. In June 2023 it will be thestatueof Général / President EISENHOWER.This project is led by Mrs CATHY SOREF of OPERATION DEMOCRACY in LOCUST VALLEY and the AMERICAN LEGION . Of course the AIRBORNE MUSEUM and the city of Sainte Mere Eglise are also participating and we will be happy to helpin any way we can.

Historic of the US Paratroopers Memorial Park

We are attaching the descriptions of the origin of this park and the names of people involved.

Election to A.V.A Board

Maurice RENAUD is reelected President

Barthelemy BALLESTER is elected 1st Vice President

Jean Jacques LEDUCQ is elected 2nd Vice President

Barthelemy BALLESTER is reelected Treasurer

Louisette LEDUCQ is reelected Secretary

Wind Farms

We are fighting any wind farm project which would come near any historic WW2 location such as La Freor any other .


The President declares the general assembly over.

The President                                                                         The Secretary

Maurice Renaud                                                                 Louisette Leducq


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